During our tour, we will go on a journey through human history in six stages. Consider an approximate timeline that helps to orientate biblical history:


Abraham 2000 BC.
Moses 1500 BC
King David 1000 BC
Queen Esther 500 BC



Prehistory: Adam to Noah (pre 2000 B.C.)
Sumeria-2900-1700 BC



Age of the Patriarchs: Abraham to Moses, Sumeria and Babylonia (2000-1500 B.C.)



Age of the Israelite Kings: Assyria (1000-500 B.C.)



Age of the Israelite Kings: Neo Babylonia (1000-500 B.C.)
Neo-babylonia-612-539 BC



Age of the Israelite Kings: Persia (c.500 B.C.)



Intertestamental Silence: Greece and Rome (450-1 B.C.)
Greece-to-Rome-332-31 BC


Enter the Kingdom of God: Jesus


Based on a tour by Neil Pattison Creation to Creator

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