The king was in the city of Tema..the kings son, courtiers and army were in Babyylonia
This explains why Belshazzar (as co-regent)could only offer Daniel third place in the kingdom.



The chronicle mentions the fall of Babylon during Belshazzar’s rule in 539 BC.


The gods of Babylonia entered Babylon from every direction when Cyrus attacked the Babylonian army at Opist…
The people of Babylonia revolted .. the troops of Cyrus entered Babylon without a battle



The book of Daniel has also been criticized because of its very accurate prophecies about subsequent empires up to the time of Christ
A popular view was that the book of Daniel was written centuries later as a propaganda tool to encourage the Israelites in exile
The evidence found here demonstrates Daniel was written in the 6th Century BC because:



The author knew about Nabonidus’ son Belshazzar a person not mentioned when Herodotus wrote a few generations later



The author knew that Babylon had been rebuilt by Nebuchadnezzar another fact that was only revealed recently (Daniel 4:30)



Also the discovery of the scroll 4QDAn (125BC) at Qumran does not reassure critics that Daniel was written in the 2nd Century BC as it conflicted with the modern view which states a later dating for Daniel