Myles Coverdale’s Bible was the first complete translation.
The 1539 editions were the first complete Bibles printed in England.



Published as the Coverdale Bible and  Myles Coverdale became a very important name in bible translation as he translated the Coverdale bible, The Great Bible, and helped prepare the Geneva bible.
Coverdale went to Cambridge and studied under Robert Barnes. In 1528 he fled England due to persecution from Henry the VIII who was still part of the Roman Catholic Church. He met Tyndale and began working with him on the Pentateuch. Coverdale himself admits that he was insufficient in Hebrew and Greek, but his passion for getting God’s word into English led him to find other ways.
After Tyndale’s death Coverdale used Latin and German bibles to complete what had not been completed by Tyndale. It was published as the Coverdale Bible in Myles included a dedication to Henry the VIII calling him a better defender of the faith than the Pope himself .
So Henry had his advisors check the Coverdale Bible for errors and while they felt it was saturated with problems they could not point out any heresy so it was approved by Henry. Coverdale separated the Apocrypha from the Old Testament and stated that it did not have divine authority as the rest of the bible did. The Coverdale Bible was reprinted twice in 1537 and once in 1550 and Title page of Coverdale Bible.